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November 7, 2018

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Paris Journal # 4

December 31, 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016


Versailles was amazing. The chance to be where royalty and history met was very cool. There was so much I did not know about the history of France, and I’m so grateful to be able to learn about it in the actual place that it happened. It makes me want to one day be able to do something as great and it could be told to others. Seeing the pictures of  the kings and the daughters and the queens was interesting. I noticed so many pictures that I’ve learned and seen before the trip. The gold leaves that cover the wooden portrait frames were beautiful. Learning about why it was so foggy at the palace was also interesting. It’s crazy to know that the place was originally built by the water so it was harder to build the palace, it took many years, i think 20 years, to finish Versailles. The three connecting chairs used for talking about people was really funny and I actually got to sit on it. Everything at the main palace was covered in real gold! it was so breathtaking. The cathedral, and its paintings on the ceiling was very beautiful. The fact that different painters came together to make this master piece look cohesive is just outstanding. The woodwork on everything that was made during the time period is really impressive. I wonder if people are still as skillful as they used to be. The fact that many things were lost over the years and after the revolution is quite sad, but it’s really inspiring how the french people work so hard to retrieve and recover as much of the original items back to the palace as possible.


The hall of mirrors was very beautiful as well, the chandeliers were very pretty and just mesmerizing to look at. The cool thing that people did back in the day to make the walls look marble was just painting it different colors. The wall would be wood but the colors would make them look like stone or marble. In the opera room, there were half chandeliers mounted to mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger opera room.We also got to see Marie Antoinette's house, which was not too big, but it was cozy. The backyard houses were super cute. I wish I was able to go into them. The history behind the kings, their wives and mistresses are quite interesting too.


It was such a cold day, but walking through the gardens with all the precisely cut bushes, and trees was really a great sight to see. I've always seen photos, and being here was like being in a postcard.The opportunity to be at Versailles and see these historical areas up close and personal with a private tour guide was amazing. I’m reminded once again how grateful i am to be here.


After Versailles, my great uncle and great aunt came to visit me and actually invited my two friends and I to visit some more relatives that I had living just five minutes from the airport. It was such a surprise and so spontaneous, but I could not lose the opportunity. This was my first time meeting them, but they immediately made me feel like family. I’m so grateful that it was also the new years because while i was missing new years with


my family, i was able to spend it with my relative sin France. I was able to meet more than just their family, I also met other aunts and uncles. There were so many relatives in one night, but I was just so excited to know everyone that in a matter of moments it went from 9 pm to 4 am.


It was a great culture shock for me because I learned so much french from them in just one night! Hearing them speak french to each other made me feel more comfortable and helped me familiarize the sounds of french a lot better and quicker. They are such bright and unique individuals. I was able to connect with them and are even talking to them still today through Facebook. The joys of technology and social media. We were able to enjoy dinner together, drink wine, talk about life, talk about our families, FaceTime them with my parents back at home, play card games, eat breakfast, and even go to Carrefour to look for sim cards together. My great grandparents drove us home the next day, and it felt so quick to leave already. I felt like I was just beginning to know them. Whenever i decide to come back, I know I'll have a place to stay. They’ve made my experience just even more enjoyable and happy.




Pajnyiaj Xyooj


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