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November 7, 2018

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Paris Journal # 17

January 12, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Today is the day that we were supposed to meet with Fabien Guyon to discuss our photo-shoot ideas, but he fell sick so instead I went to try out Indian food. Indian Gate was the name of the restaurant. I could say that my experience was not the best because they made us wait 1 hour in the restaurant until about 12:30pm, even though on google it says that they were open at 11:30 am. When we were able to order, I ordered the menue special. It came with quite a bit of items on the plate. SALADE +OIGNON BAJIA+SAMOUSSA+NAN FROMAGE +POULET CURRY+RIZ BASMATI +DESSERT (HALWA ou CAFE). It was very satisfying. Next time I will not come so “early”. I picked up my scarf from Sharon’s classroom. It was so pretty. I really hope to work more with this technique in the future.


The Art Deco Museum was really cool. I thought that it was nice how Agnes showed us a power point of what we were going to be seeing. I did not have my sketch book with me so unfortunately I did not get to sketch anything. A book of the different designs at the museum was bought for the Fashion department so I'm excited to look more at that this coming semester.

I also went to the Galleries Lafeyette tonight. It was similar to Bon Marche in a sense where the stores were just sectioned off next to each other. It was really cool to see the different displays. The visual merchandising of the new and old collections from shoes and accessories, to clothing, and even home decor. The galleries lafeyette was more affordable and had more affordable stores within it. So even though it felt like Black Friday inside, I was still able to purchase a pair of shoes, and some jewelry. There was an amazing free exhibit here as well called the Hans Peter Feldmann exhibit. It was pretty cool. Later for dinner, I also bought some KFC, and decided to settle down at Beth's place again since the weather was pretty bad, and it was pretty late.



Pajnyiaj Xyooj




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