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Seoul Searching # 5

November 7, 2018

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Paris Journal # 7

January 2, 2017

Monday,  January 2, 2017


First day of class in Paris was today. I met Madam Picco who told us the story of Madam Gres. Madam Picco told us how Madam Gres got the name "Gres". It came from Madam Gres' husband's name, Serge. She took his name because she loved him, and dropped the e, flipped the name around to form Gres. It’s pretty clever and simple if you ask me. The story of Madame Gres was pretty tragic, but she developed a pleating technique that was so precise and hard that only 5 people in all of Paris was able to do it.  And from the help of another designer, Balenciaga himself, Gres was able to produce some really great designs and run a haute couture house. I’m so happy that I am able to be here to learn this technique. If I had my ways, I would study here longer and learn more from these wonderful instructors. Madam Picco doesn't speak English, but I was more than happy to converse in french. I needed to practice my french anyways.


I got pizza at La Pizza, for lunch. This place had really cheap pizza for really good quality and quantity. I wish there was a reasonable place like this near my house in the states. After class, I decided to just come back to the apartment and rest. I wanted to be up early, and energized for the trip to Antwerp, Belgium.



Pajnyiaj Xyooj




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