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November 7, 2018

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Apostle Island 1

December 20, 2017

My sisters and I took a trip to the Apostle Island. This was my graduation gift to myself. I was unemployed right out of college, and I was stressed, but I wanted to feel some freedom before it all started to crash on me. I know, not the best way to go about graduating, but I think, like many other college grads might, is to relax, and have some fun. 


The planning was quite easy for this trip. My sisters and I collaborated in a google doc (not sponsored), and it was super easy. We were all able to give our input on where we wanted to stay, air bnb, where we wanted to eat, and activities we wanted to do. 


When the time came, I was having a BALL! I packed my outfits, and set off on our road trip to the Apostle Island. Yes we drove there because we didn't live too far from it, probably about 5-6 hour drive. I think I only slept maybe once in the car ride there, but it was probably only light napping. I was talking most of the time because I was with my sisters. We were all catching up on life, and how we've been, what we've been doing, and what we plan to do next in our life. 


When we arrived, we had to take the ferry to the island that we were staying on. Madeline Island. It was phenomenal! Our airbnb was a perfect location into the island, only 8-10 mins from the ferry dock which was where all the food was located and technically their "downtown" location. There was horrible reception, but we got a lot of bonding time! Weather was horrible too, so we stayed in quite a bit and played so many games. This was when I introduced "one night ultimate werewolf" and our rivalries began! We were playing the game, lying, deceiving, learning who we can and can't trust. In the end it was just a game, so of course it was played with love and we laughed...a lot! We are a group of analyzers too, so we talked constantly about how our fates could've been different if we just caught on to something, or if we just listened to one person more than another. We played more games, and even watched an episode of Harry Potter. 


On our night out in town, we went to the only cool club house, called the Club House. They had yummy fish and chips, burgers names after the many islands that made up the apostle islands itself. They had a pool table and the star of the night for my group was the dart board. We were not a great group of dart throwers, but being together, we were anything we wanted to be. It was the best night of our trip. We failed, we won, we laughed, and of course, losers had to pay for drinks. 


Our time at the islands continued with a boat tour, and then some more exploring on a hike, then eventually we made it back to the mainland. We got some coffee at a local cafe, and headed to our next location. Duluth, MN. The Apostle islands is a great place for anyone and any group that wants some peace and quiet. If you go on a great week with little rain fall, I'm sure you'll be able to get all the outdoor activities done with no struggle. A con is that, food on the island can get expensive. We cooked at our air bnb most of the time and we shopped on the mainland before heading to the island, but since we didnt budget enough groceries we ended up buying some groceries on the island. Eggs were expensive, meat was really expensive, and they had some frozen pizzas too. I think we bought tuna? I'm not sure anymore. Overall though, still a very great experience in the Apostle Islands.  


Check out the video for pictures: 

Apostle Island Sister Trip Pt1 




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