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November 7, 2018

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Royal Buffet

December 30, 2017

Merry late Christmas to everyone!


I hope everyone had a great Christmas break, or is still enjoying it thus far. I know everyone is getting ready for the end of 2017, and welcoming the new year soon to come. As this year comes to an end, I decided to take the footage of my family's trip to Illinois and make it into a vlog. I was very happy that my family was able to get a family trip in before the year ended. My favorite thing about traveling and adventure is doing it with the ones I love, and even though this trip was very small, it still felt amazing. Our 4 hour car ride to Illinois was actually pretty quick. We spent the car ride playing the ABC game. 


ABC Game:

1. Must look for a word starting with the letter A, then move on to B then C then D and so on.

2. Can not look for words inside the car, only outside the car ie: on Billboards, pn Passing cars, on semitrucks etc.

3. Can not be acronyms.

4. Can not be the name of items that pass by; you Must see the word to be able to call it out.

5. Each person keeps track of their own letters.

6. There can not be any repeats.\

7. Who ever gets the furthest once the car stops at destination wins!


I learned this game from my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend. HAHA. I taught it to my siblings, and every time we go anywhere now we play it. It can get quite loud though...so whoever is driving, be careful. 


Anyways enjoy the vlog: Royal Buffet







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