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November 7, 2018

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Workout with the Wii

December 31, 2017

My siblings and I love to play games. Whether it's video games, board games, or card games, we are up for it...or is it "down for it". Anywho, count us in. On the other hand, we don't really like to exercise! Exercise has never been something we do regularly. When I say exercising, I mean, going jogging, going to the gym, lifting weights etc. We like to play sports, or dance, but mostly sports. Soccer is our favorite sports activity for exercise, but now that it is winter, we don't have quick access to a field of grass. LUCKILY, we LOVE 'Just Dance'. 

For me, 'Just Dance' is the perfect indoor exercise I could ever ask for. It has popular songs that I like, and weird, yet fun dances to follow along. There are different levels you can choose from as well. If you want it to go continuously, or a mash up, or a sweat intensive dance routine. A plus to this games is that the more you dance, and level up, you can unlock more songs, and activities. You also get points, and this makes the competitive side of my siblings come out. This encourages them to dance even more! 


My indoor essentials:

In any exercise environment, water is a definite essential element. So I always have my water bottle next to me, or stop in between dances to fetch a glass of water. I've also bought myself an active watch. It counts the steps I've taken, the calories I am burning, the distance I've walked according to my steps, and tells time. I can even register my watch on an app for more accuracy and more services. 

My go to workout attire at the moment are my capri leggings, and my grey slashed sweater. They're both knit wear, light, and the perfect comfort for moving around. As for footwear, since I am indoors, I just go barefoot on the carpet and start moving to sweat it out. 


Let me know what your workout essentials are for indoor workouts, and what your favorite indoor workouts are. 






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