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Favorites of 2017 to 2018

January 5, 2018




Every year I watch my favorite You-Tubers talk about their favorite products. This year, I decided I'd make my own favorites video. Instead of just talking about my 2017 favorites, I wanted to include items that will probably be my 2018 favorites, even if it's only been a couple days into the new year.

If you're more of a reader, I've listed the items I loved the most in 2017 down below. If I listed it, then it means I love them. I won't be doing too much writing about each product. Some of the items are still my favorites right now, and I will probably buy more of it to use in 2018. For some, I'll probably leave as my favorites in 2017 and try new things in 2018.  

Here is a list of the items I talked about in my video:



Concealer - FITme! Maybeline in shade 20- sand: This concealer is super lightweight for me, and blends so easily.

Foundation - FITme! Maybeline Matte+poreless in shade 128- warm nude: This foundation has such a great finish on my skin, and I love that a little goes a long way for me. It is light to medium coverage so my skin can still breathe. It does oxidize a bit, so I just buy a lighter shade and it fits me perfectly.

Eyebrow - Milani stay put brow color in shade 04- brunette: This eyebrow cream comes with an all-in-one brush and spoolie applicator. The brush is an angled one and has a medium stiffness to it. It picks up the perfect amount of product. The spoolie is the perfect size for brushing out my eyebrow hairs and distributing the product evenly.

Applicator - beauty sponge drugstore sponge (can not remember brand): I've never used an actual beauty blender, but this dupe works perfectly for me. I love the way it evenly applies my foundation and concealer. I've even tried using powder with it, and it works just as great. I've been stuck to this and have not gone back to using brushes for my foundation and concealer.

Mascara - Mad Lash the Balm in shade Black: This mascara was part of my ipsy subscription in 2017 early summer. I've just started using it more often since September, and because of it's compact size, I can carry it in my purse with ease. I think the color and volume it gives my lashes is perfect for any look. 

Brushes - LUXIE blush brush - 514: This luxie brush was also from one of my ipsy subscriptions in 2017. It has super soft bristles, and picks up just the right amount of product. I've been using this with the blushes below.

Blushes - City Color Be Matte Blush in shades Fresh Melon, Blackberry, & Guava: I've been using this blush palette in 2017, and all the colors are amazing. They compliment my skin, and does not make my skin look flaky. There is almost an airbrush look to it after applying with the luxie brush.


Favorite Fashion Pieces:

Embroidered yoke babydoll top: The floral embroidery on this top is just so bright and vibrant against the white background. It's super fun to wear, and very comfortable.

Netted T-shirt with bird prints: This top is really easy going, and the netting adds a really cool street vibe to it. The pop of color from the hummingbird print is the perfect way to keep this top interesting.

Long black cardigan: This long black cardigan is a staple piece in my closet. I would pear this with almost any outfit to instantly give me a slimmer and taller figure.

Black and White Sweater: This sweater is my go-to winter sweater. I love this sweater so much because it's over-sized, but is still slimming on the arms. I can wear it tucked in or draped out. The drop-shoulder makes this body really comfy to wear. The colors are a classic black and white stripe, and I feel this top goes great with any bottom.



2017 Favs:

"IT" the remake: If you haven't seen the original version, I highly suggest you watch it. Aside from the original traumatizing me since I was young, I would still recommend this new remake to anyone who is scared of clowns, and is up for a good horror film. I think the difference between this remake and the original is that it's funnier. There were so many more comedy scenes, and I felt more connected with the characters. Don't get me wrong, there were still many scary and jumpy scenes. 

"Baby Driver": This movies was super action packed, and with such a great soundtrack. All the scenes had the perfect beat, and every move was synced to perfection. It was so refreshing to watch this film because everything was so on point, and no distracting at all. 

"What Happened to Monday": I found this movie on Netflix one bored day. It was the least boring day after that. I love sci-fis and movies about dystopias; this movie was just that. It follows a sibling of 7 girls each with the names of the week: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc...This world allowed only one child per house hold, but this father couldn't bare to kill his other kids. So because they were all twins, he coded everything so that all their identity showed up as one person. They all take a day of the week as their day to go out into the world. While they all have different personalities, they have to comply to the rules to stay alive and hidden. One day, Monday didn't come home. I don't want to spoil anymore, so JUST GO WATCH IT! It's on Netflix, so if you have Netflix, Hit It Up!

Shameless: This TV show follows a very dysfunctional family that has and is still going through so much! From jail to drugs, affairs to fake relationships/names, making it to f-ing it all up...this show has all the drama! It's also great to see each character grow, and what they'll do next. They make stupid mistakes just like a real person would, and I think that is why it seems relatable. There is quite a lot graphic adult content, but if you can get passed that, it's a pretty entertaining show. 

Orange is the New Black: This is a classic buzz! If you haven't heard about this show, then...what have you been doing, and where have you been hiding? JK. But for real, this past season was truly great. I love how they allow almost all characters, even if they're roll isn't extremely huge, a backstory. How did they end up where they were. I think it's a question we all ask ourselves, and others. The actors and actresses play their roles so well! I even cried a couple times. They do bring up some really great social issues as well which I think is such a great way to talk about issues. I hope it wasn't their last, but I think I'm also satisfied with the end of this season.


Current 2018 Favorite Netflix series:

Black Mirror Season 4: Black mirrors is great! If you've seen the Twilight Zone back in the day, BLACK AND WHITE, this show on Netflix is similar in many ways. There is always a lesson to learn from each episode, and the plots are amazing. It plays with your mind, and the thriller and mystery aspect of it keeps you wanting to know what will happen next. The cool thing about the show is how it revolves around "new technology". Each episode is different, and does not follow the same store line, characters and actors are all different as well. The episodes are about an hour long, so it's like you're watching a bunch of different movies. I love it! 


Thank you so much for reading, if you haven't already hit up my YouTube channel for some fun videos: Click the image!

Don't forget to like the video, and share my blog with your friends!



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