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Seoul Searching # 5

November 7, 2018

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Review with Me: Bowl Ninety-One

January 7, 2018

Hello everyone,


I recently heard of Bowl Ninety-One and I wanted to try this new restaurant. I checked out their FB page, and found out that they recently opened literally this past week. I quickly looked through some of their pictures, and read over the menu. Some of the dishes listed on the menu were similar to other places around town, but what caught my eyes were the ramen options. I feel like in my small town, it's pretty hard to find places with ramen dishes. Either that or I haven't been doing a great job looking around. I was so excited that this new ramen option was so close to my place, I had to try it out soon! I didn't go on the first day because I knew it was going to be pretty busy. 


I ended up going with a group of 7 about one or two days after the opening. We decided on lunch, on a Saturday. I knew that it was going to be busy, but I wanted to get my hands on the ramen! I was a little disappointed with the long wait, but it was definitely well worth it. We were told that the wait would be an hour long because many people have ordered food, and hadn't received their dishes yet. I was glad that the workers were honest about the hold up. This made me worry about how long the total time it would even take for us to get our food once we waited for a seat to open up. We were seated shortly after, and our waitress got our orders in quickly. All in all, the wait wasn't even as bad as I thought. 


I received my thai iced tea first. The price is well worth the size of that cup of tea. There was a perfect balance of ice, sweetness, cream/milk, and tea. The iced coffee was just as great. The crab rangoons looked a little too golden for me, but the cream cheese stuffing was so delicious. The size was also pretty big, and to get 6 of those in one order meant my appetizer was complete. The fried chicken was also part of the appetizer menu. There were only two flavors, gochujang or sriracha honey, and we got the sriracha honey. The size of the wings were actually pretty big, the chicken was crispy, and the sauce was superb. The appetizers and the drinks definitely got me hooked. I'm craving some Thai iced tea right now as I type. 


When my ramen arrived, I was drooling, figuratively! The first taste was of course of the broth. It was light, and tasty. I felt like it was a little on the plain side as far as unique flavors go, but still a really delightful broth. The portion to broth was great for me. The noodles were cooked to a perfect texture. The amount of noodles, though, were no joke.  There was a lot of noodles, and I almost couldn't finish my ramen bowl, so it was definitely worth $13 for me. The soft boiled egg had the perfect saltiness. The mushrooms were soft, but had a subtle chewiness. My favorite part of the dish had to be the pork belly! If you've never had pork belly in a soup dish before, then you need to try it in this dish. There was a perfect ratio of meat and fat. It was cooked so perfectly that it just melted in my mouth, both the meat and the fat. It was mouthwatering. 


Although I think there could be some improvements with taking orders, checking out, and handling the waiting list, all in all, I think the food is superb and everyone should give this place a try. Aside from some changes to their menu and services, I love the fact that Bowl Ninety-One listens to their customers feedback on their FB page. I think they are learning a lot, and will continue to improve. I hope they stay here long because I would definitely go back!



Check out the photos below: 



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