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Seoul Searching # 5

November 7, 2018

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Story Time: Planting...

January 25, 2018

I have always watched/ seen my mom plant ever since I could remember. I never thought about planting myself, because it just never occurred to me that maybe I could plant too. Well in my sophomore year of high school I took biology. We had an experiment where we were supposed to grow our corn seed to see how big it will get. We had to monitor location, sunlight, and mainly the amount of water we used. This was around mid October. I didn't know anything about growing plants, so yeah, I left my seed in its soil in the plastic up...outside, on the porch. This was the worst idea in the world. It was already starting to get cold, so my plant didn't even grow. It was freezing, and didn't really feel the need to hydrate itself because it was dying. So one day, my mom saw this cup outside, and brought it inside. She asked out loud whose plant it was. I answered cheerfully about how it was part of my project. She gave me a look, and said something like, "well it's not going to grow if you leave it out there." I was like WHAT?! So long story short, my plant only grew like 2 inches after that. Hey, better late than never. I didn't really get a lot of data because there was so little growth. On the other hand, I did get like a B- on my experiment.


Today, I wonder sometimes if I can actually plant. I sometimes want to go buy a small succulent and raise it, but I feel like I might kill it. I decided to just look at pictures instead. Maybe one day I'll make an effort to actually care for a plant. :) 



Photo collage by: Panyia Xiong

Photos from Pinterest.

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